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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Ajith KP

PGM Image Viewer for Windows

The "PGM"(Portable Graymap Format) file is one of the extension of image file. This type of image is normally used for researches. Most of face database is created in this format. Eg. AT & T face database. The Windows OS have no default application to open "PGM" files. This application can read and show "PGM" images. Also it can convert the PGM images to PNG/JPG/BMP formats.
You can use this application as default application for open PGM images. You can change settings by right click on PGM file and select "Open With" option and make this utility as default PGM file opener.
Download Link: https://github.com/ajithkp560/PGM_Viewer/archive/master.zip
Source Code: https://github.com/ajithkp560/PGM_Viewer

PGM File viewer and converter for Windows